Reference Books For CSIR NET Life Science

Here is the list of reference Books for CSIR NET Life Science. Kapman Life Science Academy always advice you to not read low standard books. Because it is just a wastage of time without getting any sound knowledge. Read these books and then you can go for any other books. Also try to make your own notes from these books because it will useful not only for CSIR NET JRF Preparation but also for Interview for PhD entrance. Also choose Study Material for CSIR NET Life Science very wisely because your time is more precious for your career in Life Science.

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Books For CSIR NET Life Science

 Cell and Molecular Biology  Gerald Karp
 Biochemistry Lehninger et al
 Microbiology Presscott
Molecular Biology of CellsB. Alberts,D. Bray, J. Lewis, M.Raff, K. Roberts & J.D Watson
Molecular Cell  BiologyJ.Darnell, H.Lodish, & D. Baltimore
Principles of Gene ManipulationsR.W. Old & S.B. Primrose
Molecular Biology of the GeneJ.D. Watson, N.H. Hopkins, J.W. Roberts
 RDTT.A. Brown
Molecular Cloning: A laboratory manual Sambrook & Russel, Vol123 ( For Part C)
Kuby ImmunologyRA Goldsby, Thomas J, Kindt
EcologyEugene P Odum,Ricklifs,Raven
Text Book of Medical PhysiologyArthur Guyton
GeneticsE.J. Gardner, M.J. Simmons and D.P. Snustad
Plant Physiology Hopkins, Taiz & Zeiger, Salisbury & Ross